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Meanwood Media Box

  • Client: Meanwood Street Art
  • Areas: On Location Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Credits:

    Hove & Co

This illustration was part of a larger community initiative to paint a trail of media boxes across Meanwood started by Meanwood Street Art. As negative news overwhelms our day-to-day lives, and the emotional and physical toll of isolating and regulations take hold, we need a spark of hope! Times like these encourage us to support one another and look towards our communities for support.


The work brings art to everyday life by painting dull media boxes with colourful designs celebrating the local community.

Street art removes barriers. It showcases art and creativity in a way that is immediately accessible to everyone in their own environment and lives.


It was painted by hand over four days, which was a wonderful experience as people came and chatted with me while I worked.

Each element of the design has been directly inspired by Meanwood, the local area; the shapes and patterns were taken from windows and gates near the box and the characters are based on people who have walked past while I was drawing on location in Leeds. A core value in my work is representation — I look to celebrate diversity and equality.